The 8 Easy Steps to Play Sic BO Online

Play Sic Bo for free or real money

Eight easy steps to play Sic Bo Online 2018

Playing Sic Bo is one of the crazes among many table gamers. Though not much popular as playing pokies Sic Bo is well-known among casino fans.  The game of Sic Bo is usually played by rolling three dice, and bets are placed on what the outcome may be of the roll. Also for new players, the bets can be confusing, but it is always a good idea to just read the table before placing any of them.

Some typical bets in Sic Bo are three of a kind or two of a kind, meaning two or three numbers will be the same in the roll. You can either place a bet on a specific number being rolled on all three dice, or any number showing up. Other bets can get a little more understanding and you can read our previous guide articles to know more.

The rules of the Sic Bo game are simple, though the game itself can be very complex. To win, you must place a bet on the outcome of the dice roll and throw the dice. Usually, you can bet on almost any outcome, and bet on multiple outcomes once you’ve got the hang of the game.

Here are the eight easy steps to Play Sic Bo online


Find an online casino to play Sic Bo

Sic Bo Online


Register yourself at the casino to play real money Sic Bo Game or play as free- that’s your choice

Play Sic Bo Online now


Go to games lobby and search Sic Bo game

Free Sic Bo to play


Once found the Sic Bo game click or tap (according to your gaming device: PC or mobile) to play

Play Sic Bo for free or real money


Choose to play for real play or free play. Click on real play and place bets Most online Sic Bo games have a limit on how much you can bet on an outcome in online casinos. So if you are making multiple bets, try to keep them small enough to keep your total bets under the limit.


Place a bet once you make a deposit at the online casino by clicking on deposit or cashier.

Sic Bo online deposit

Place as many bets as you are comfortable with, but be careful with your choices. The table is covered in many different options, so make sure you’re thinking your bet through.

Sic Bo Roll the dice


Once you feel comfortable with your bet, it’s time to roll those dice. So click on roll the dice. Most online Sic Bo games have random number generators, so your chances of landing a safe bet will always be as fair as possible.


Online Sic Bo games are usually quite short, but you should always watch the table to see how well you did. Then you can either cash out or place the same bet.

The best way to win a game of online Sic Bo is to place multiple outcome bets, usually at the edge of the table. Betting on individual numbers is not advisable, especially if you are new to the game.

Also there is no way you can cheat here because the game is monitored by the site itself, and the computerized dice rolls remove any way of predicting the outcomes.

You can place the same bet every round and  there is an option in online casinos to place the same bet after a roll. In most cases, there are specific buttons for betting and rolling the dice.

So finally note online Sic Bo is game of chance and no set strategy is there to win the game.Many people try to watch the dice rolls to see how many times individual numbers happen, but the randomized numbers in online Sic Bo make this virtually impossible. However, placing certain bets will almost always pay out if you bet carefully. So pay attention to your table, and make sure you place your chips in the right sections.