Guide to Basic Strategy for Sic Bo

Guide to play Sic Bo with best strategy

Guide to play Sic Bo with best strategy

Sic Bo is popular table game mostly found at land casinos and online casinos of Asia and Australia. Very few US and Canada online casinos have this game to offer in their games section maybe this game was originated from Asian country or otherwise. With the introduction of electronic Sic Bo tables and other virtual casino games apps players from all over the globe can now enjoy this game on their PC and mobile.

At land casinos this game is played with three dice contained in a large, hourglass-shaped birdcage. To roll the dice, the dealer flips the cage upside down and the dice tumble to the end now at the bottom.

In electronic tables at online casinos this game can be set with couple of different ways. In casinos that use a live cage and dealer, video of the roll can be streamed to tables at remote locations around the casino. More commonly, an image of the cage or just of the dice are rolled onscreen, with results determined by a random number generator.

The betting options and payoffs in Sic Bo

You have dozens of betting options in the game of Sic Bo. Some of the popular bets that you can user are as follows:

Note that when playing online or when playing at electronic tables this game has lower payoffs, so understand that the house edge will be higher than listed here.

Single numbers: You can wager on any number 1 through 6, and if any of the three dice land on your number you’re paid even money. If two dice show your number, you’re paid 2-1 and if you get all three, you’re paid 3-1. House edge: 7.9 percent.

Triples: You’re betting that all three dice will land on the same number. If you specify a number — for example, betting all three dice will be 4s — the true odds of winning are 215-1. With payoffs at 180-1, a house edge will be of 13.9 percent. You also can bet a triple without specifying a number. Then you win if all three dice are the same regardless of number. Again, payoffs can vary. At 30-1, the house edge is 13.9 percent.

Small: You’re paid even money if the total of the three dice will be 4 through 10, although you lose on triples. Three 2s and three 9s are no winners here. It’s that triple rule that gives the house its 2.8 percent edge.

Large: You’re paid even money on totals of 11 through 17, except triples. As on the small bet, the house edge is 2.8 percent.

Specific totals: You can bet on any total of the three dice from 4 through 17 — note that the totals 3 and 18 are both triples bets.

Payoffs differ with the total, so here are the combinations with the payoff and house edge: 4 or 17, 60-1, 15.3 percent; 5 or 16, 30-1, 13.9 percent; 6 or 15, 17-1, 16.7 percent; 7 or 14, 12-1, 9.7 percent; 8 or 13, 8-1, 12.5 percent; 9 or 12, 6-1, 19 percent; 10 or 11, 6-1, 12.5 percent.

Note that the large and small bets have their 2.8 percent edges. If you want to take a chance at a large payoff such as the 60-1 on 4 or 17, understand that the house edges on the big payers are very high.

Here is a list of the other types of bets you can place:

Big: betting that the sum of the three dice will total between 11 and 17.

Duo: This is when a player wagers that two different numbers will be rolled on any two of the three dice as said above.

Two of a kind: a wager that any two of the three dice will show one specific number. Another name for this bet is a ‘Double’.

Three of a kind: betting that one precise number will appear on all three dice. It is important to remember that this bet has the largest payout, yet the lowest odds. Another name for this bet is a ‘Triple’ as said above.

Any three of a kind: when a player bets that any three of the same number will make an appearance on all three dice. This differs from the three-of-a-kind as all numbers need to be the same. This is also called any triple.

Best Strategy to play the game of Sic Bo

Although this game is based highly on luck and chance, there are a few things that could assist you in winning the game.

  • At land casinos choose the right Sic Bo Table. You can see whether or not a table will play to your favour by looking at the numbers displayed in the centre of the Sic Bo table. Experts advise to select a table that offers a 65:1 option as the house edge sits at 8.33%.
  • Make sure that you are aware not only of the limits specified on a specific table, but also the limits of your bankroll. By doing this, you will ensure that you do not exhaust all of your funds and that you gamble responsibly.
  • Specific casinos online will provide their players with unique promotions surrounding table games. This is where you need to keep an eye out as to which online casino provides great Sic Bo promotions.
  • If you know what the bets are and what they do, you have a better idea of the odds as well as your chances of winning. So know and understand the Sic Bo bets.
  • Be sure to practice before you play so that you have a feel for the game. By doing this, you will learn when it would be best to place larger and lower bets.