Guide to play Sic Bo at Treasury Casino Brisbane

Sic Bo at Treasury Casino Brisbane

Sic Bo at Treasury Casino Brisbane

Treasury Casino Brisbane is located in the heart of Brisbane and is a resort plus casino by The Star Entertainment Group and offer players a first class entertainment experience 24 hours a day. Launched in 1995 it boasts a 5-star heritage hotel, 6 restaurants, 5 bars, and wonderful casino complex. As the proud custodian of the state-owned Treasury and Land Administration Buildings, $57 million has been spent on re-purposing, restoring and maintaining these historic assets, including $5.6 million spent on stonework preservation which won the 2008 and 2014 Queensland Heritage Council Gold Award.

Games to enjoy at Treasury Brisbane

At Treasury Brisbane there are over 1,600 gaming machines including both traditional poker or Spinning Reel Machines or the ‘Pokies’ and Hyperlink Machines. Treasury Casino has exclusive access to a large range of premium machines, with an extensive range of high limit options available throughout the venue.

Some of the popular latest games and linked jackpots to enjoy are Lightening Cash, Cash Adventures, Double Shot, Golden Dollars, Dinomight and others. Treasury Brisbane offers a variety of table games for your enjoyment 24/7. You can play Blackjack, poker games, Roulette, Sic Bo, Craps, Baccarat and other casino games.

How to play Sic Bo at Treasury Casino Brisbane?

Sic Bo at Treasury Casino Brisbane

You choose the Sic Bo Table

Sic Bo is played with three dice contained within a tumbler. The aim of the game is simply to predict the numbers or combinations that will be revealed by the tumbling of the dice. With numerous betting options and payout odds, Sic Bo offers a wide range of ways to win – from bets that pay even money, to long shots that pay big money.

To commence a new game, the Dealer covers the tumbler and tumbles the dice. The table layout lights begin to flash and the Dealer calls for Players to place their bets.

To place your bets, simply position your chips clearly within the box containing the number or combination of your choice. T

he Dealer will call “no more bets” before lifting the cover of the tumbler to reveal the dice. The Dealer then announces the dice values and total, and the winning bets are illuminated on the table. You can  check the sign displaying the minimum and maximum bets at the table, or ask any of the gaming team for assistance.

In Sic Bo three dice are tumbled and Players try to predict various combinations, totals and outcomes. House margins for each type of bet vary from 2.8% (big, small or combinations of two dice) to 16.2% for a specific triple.

As Sic Bo is a game of chance so there are no betting strategies to reduce these margins.

If you choose to play Sic Bo on an Electronic Terminal the help menu on the terminal displays player instructions and information for playing.

The casino also offers many promotions on Sic Bo game play so that you as a player have full benefit of such offers to increase your bankroll. Click here to know the Treasury Brisbane Casino Rules before you set to play.