Guide to what is TCS John Huxley Sicbo Blaze

Sic Bo TCS

Sic Bo Blaze

TCS John Huxley is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of end-to-end live gaming solutions and services based in UK. This company is well known for using Blaze LED surface technology to most of the games like Roulette and Sic Bo and bringing a revolution in gaming floor live platform. Blaze LED surface technology offers a new approach to Sicbo, bringing added excitement to the already popular game.

Sic Bo Blaze

Sic Bo

Sic Bo blaze was launched by TCS John Huxley, the first game featuring Blaze LED surface technology. Stunning game animations are projected through a traditional gaming layout, which brings added excitement to the game and attracts new players by making tables stand out on the gaming floor.

For added game security, all winning bets and game sequences are highlighted and standard gaming layouts cover the complete table surface instead of the traditional Perspex playing surface. Blaze gaming surface technology is now rolled out to cover a variety table games at the land casinos.

Features of Blaze Sic Bo

  • Displays eye-catching animation across the table gaming surface
  • Highlights winning bets for security and to assist players
  • LCD touchscreen Dealer console
  • Excites and entertains new players
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low maintenance, long-life LEDs
  • Assists with Dealer accuracy
  • Compatible with the 23″ and 27″ e-FX™ displays
  • Easy to operate; little training required
  • Integrates with GFL Optimisation & GFL Media

Sic Bo TCS

Some themes of Sic Bo Blaze that you can find include: Dragon Sicbo & Tiger Sicbo. Unlike traditional illuminated Sicbo tables – which consist of a light box with many individual light bulbs that require regular replacement – Blaze LED surface technology is energy efficient and offers thousands of hours operating life. This means that game play is uninterrupted and regular maintenance limited.

Highlighted winning numbers and light sequences on the betting area confirm the stage of the game, making it easy for Dealers and security staff to monitor play. Sicbo Blaze also benefits from a fully integrated dice shaker as part of the game electronics. This gives integrity to the game sequence whilst protecting against the possibility of a non-shake or double shake of the dice.


Sic Bo TCS Blaze

Sicbo Blaze is fully compatible with TCS John Huxley’s e-FX displays. By integrating the two technologies, information such as previous dice results, big or small betting options and odd or even betting options are easy for players to see. Available in single or double-sided configurations, e-FX displays come in different LCD screen sizes and feature HD resolution. These bright, high impact LCD displays will command your attention and present a high tech image.

The Dice Shaker in Sic Bo Blaze

There are two Dice Shakers that are fully enclosed by a glass dome and covered by a removable lid. Dice are shaken in quick succession to randomise the outcome and for increased security, the game is automatically aborted if the cover has been lifted during the shake or at any other inappropriate stage of the game.

The automated Dice Shaker range is fully integrated as part of the Sicbo game electronics, giving integrity to the game sequence whilst protecting against the possibility of a non-shake or double shake of the dice.

Dice shaker

The second Dice Shaker includes a new LED light system and full integration with Gaming Floor Live. This Dice Shaker  shares many similarities with the original Dice Shaker however the dice shake is driven by a speaker opposed to a solenoid like the original Dice Shaker. This gives the dice a smoother shake and allows operators greater control of the duration and intensity of the shake.

With a multi-game mode to allow even greater flexibility, the dealer can choose to shake the dice before the betting period is started and the lid remains on. Alternatively, bets are placed with the lid off and after ‘no more bets’ the dice are shaken in full view of all the players.

Features of Dice Shaker

  • Designed for multiple dice
  • Multi-game mode available
  • Comes with a tamper proof sealed dice unit
  • Simple to use for dealer
  • Robust and reliable to withstand 24-hour operation
  • Can be interfaced to any Electronic Table Games or third-party systems
  • Optional Automatic Dice Recognition available
  • Multiple operation modes available
  • Game status indicated with colourful LED lights
  • Full communication with Gaming Floor Live

Automatic Dice Recognition Controller

Automatic Dice Recognition Controller or ADR is a technology that allows the automatic recognition of the dice in a shaker. The system consists of a controller, a camera and lighting assembly that is fitted into a dice shaker cover. There is also a collar that fits over the existing base of the glass dome.

The system is designed to be driven from a Sicbo server PC or an online gaming application. On command, the ADR unit will process the dice image from the camera inside the cover and returns the result of the dice in the dome. There is a game status LED indicator built into the handle of the cover to alert when the dice have been verified.



This new technology Sic Bo tables can be found at land casinos like Casino Canberra to play and have fun. Even find these tables at Las Vegas casinos to enjoy.