Guide to choose the best online casino to play Sic Bo

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Best Online Casino to play Sic Bo

Sic Bo is widely available at almost all of the Australian friendly online casinos. But many punters ask as which online casino is best to play Sic Bo. Before you start to look at the best online casino, you should first make up your mind whether to play Sic bo with real money in your own real Australian dollars or do you wish to play Sic Bo all free just for fun. Remember at online casinos you have a choice to play the games for real money of simply play for free without spending a penny.

If you wish to play Sic Bo for free then no need to bother about which online casino is best. Because as a free game you needn’t worry to lose anything and so all casinos are best. With free games you can understand the game and learn how to play before you decide to spend real cash for betting and playing the game of Sic Bo with real money.

Play Sic Bo with Real Money

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When playing Sic Bo with real money you need to select the best online casino.  At online casino simply register yourself with your mobile or PC or tablet and make an initial deposit of AU$10-$25. Grab the bonus offer be it no deposit or welcome bonus, Head to games lobby and visit the section table games. Find the table of Sic Bo and just choose your bet and try your hand at predicting what the roll of the dice will be. Then roll and watch what happens. If your numbers come up, you’ll win.

Note that in this dice games there are three dice to roll. You have  to predict the exact number that comes up, the set of numbers that hits, or the total of the three dice. Each bet comes with a different payout and you’re free to bet on multiple outcomes at once, just like in roulette.

  • Total Bet – This one is the simplest real money Sic Bo bets. You’ll have the opportunity to bet on the total of the three dice, and you can bet on any number from 4 through 16. You’ll notice that 3 and 18 are missing. That’s because they show up as triple bets elsewhere on the board.
  • Single Bet – If you place a Single bet, you’re betting on a number that will appear on at least one of the dice. That means if you bet on a 3, you’ll win if at least one die lands on a 3.
  • Double Bet – With this bet, you’re betting that a specific number will be rolled on two of the dice.
  • Triple Bet – If you think all three dice will end up showing a specific number, go ahead and bet on a Triple. The payout for a Triple is 30:1 at most online Sic Bo casinos. You can also bet on a specific Triple, and that pays out 180:1. Obviously the odds of winning this are slim, but in any case it is a thrilling wager.

Once you understand the game, buy the chips to bet and drop your chips on any betting element seen on the board. Now click or tap the ‘Roll’ button and wait for the dice to land. As said above if you win you will be paid accordingly to the payout.

How to choose the best online casino to play Sic Bo?

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Now that you know the game of Sic Bo and wish to play it with real AUD or BTC, the next step is to find the best online casino to play Sic Bo. We won’t say that a particular casino is bad and the other is good, but we will show you some of the features of the online casinos by which you can judge which one will be the best to play Sic Bo online.

Payout percentage

All the online casinos come with a payout percentage. So you need to look for a casino that has high payout percentage This is the rate a casino pays out in winnings as compared to the amount of money wagered. If a payout rate is 97% then the casino will pay out $97 for every $100 that’s wagered. The difference is kept by the casino as profit.

As this is an overall figure worked out for the whole casino, it doesn’t mean that you will see 97% back on a wager you make. However, playing at a Sic Bo casino online with a higher payout rate will boost your odds of winning.

Note that many casinos don’t offer Sic Bo online for one simple reason as their payouts are often too high. Remember, hitting a specific Triple pays out 180:1 at many online casinos. Compare that to roulette where hitting an exact number gets you a 35:1 payout and it’s clear why casinos aren’t a fan of Sic Bo.

Bonus offers

All the online casinos offer various bonus offers to attract punters to their casinos. Many offer no deposit bonus which may be a small cash of $5-$30 or may offer free spins or free chips in case of table games. Other lucrative bonus is welcome bonus offer which is a kind of match deposit bonus where first you make a deposit and get 100% bonus on that offer.

So look for those online casinos which have great bonus offers.  As such bonus offers are just great for your bankroll and boosting your chance to win real money as you enjoy the game of Sic Bo.

Remember but to read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus offers. Also  note that mostly bonuses are offered to new players who join the casino for the first time.

24/7 help and security

The best online casino is that offers 24/7 customer support to players. This help should be available to players at all times in the form of live chat, email or phone number so that you can contact them in case you have any trouble depositing and withdrawing or with the game play of Sic Bo. Also the online casino should be safe and secure to play. This indicates SSL certification and encryption. Safe payment options, firewalls, and frequent in house security checks are a plus. By taking these precautionary measures you can feel confident in knowing your money and personal information is safeguarded.

Deposits in AUD or BTC

Always find the online casino that allows deposits in AUD or BTC. Because if you fund your casino account in any other currency you will need to pay the exchange rate which will decrease your bankroll and you will be at loss. Many Australian friendly online casinos accept AUD and BTC from Aussie punters to play the game of Sic Bo online.

What we recommend

We recommend Aussie online casinos to play the game of Sic Bo. Online casinos like Emu Casino, Mongoose Casino, Rich Casino, 7 Reels Casino, Rich Palms Casino and few others are that we trust. These casinos offer all the above features making them the best online casino.