5 Best Strategies to Win Sic BO [Guide]

How to win Sic Bo

How to win Sic Bo

If you are interested in playing the game of dice in 2019 then here we bring to you the five best strategies to win Sic Bo. Though Sic Bo is a game of chance which means if you are lucky then only you win but there are certain things that can certainly make a difference in your game play as well your winning chances.

1. Pick the right Sic Bo table when playing at real casino

Sic Bo Table

Though it may sound silly to you but picking the right table can have great influence your winning chances when it comes to Sic Bo. Note that the value of the table is always determined by the odds which are offered on 4’s and 17’s totals. All you need to do is take a good look at the layout of the table and you will find the rates written right below the numerals in the very center. Also, the best House Edge one can expect would be about 65-to-1, or, if you prefer percentages, 8.33%. and the usual average, that would be about 60-to-1 and  the House Edge would be 15.28%.

2. Set a time to get up from the table

Sic Bo wins

Have you seen any clocks on land casinos? There are no clocks in any real casino so you are fooled of time and keep on playing for hours. This trick works in the commercial aspect of the casino which you are playing. When it comes to playing Sic Bo stay a little bit longer than you’ve initially planned to play the game and it works if you are betting at the lowest-possible House Edge as against your chances of possibly doubling your budget. Still, you could increase your chances of winning in a much shorter time than it usually takes. All you have to do is keep at it for a longer period with low bets. Also if you are losing leave the table immediately.

3. Make full use of bonus offers at the table

Sic Bo Bonus offers

If you are playing Sic Bo at any online casino you can make full use of bonus offers at the table. Because online casinos offer great bonus offers to players, especially new players like no deposit bonus or match bonus to play their games. If you also want some special bonus then better ask the Customer Service desk at your chosen casino for more information on free chips, bonus cash, or casino services.

4. Stick to your bankroll

Sic Bo bankroll

Ok so you have grabbed the bonus offer and you have used all of them and still, you are hooked to the game. But knowing when to quit is crucial, as the odds will always be tilted in the favor of the House when it comes to Sic Bo. This means one simple thing: the longer you gamble, the more the risk increases as well!

Yes, this is even though your winning chances increase too as said above but the best thing you can do, to make sure you are gambling responsibly at all times, is to set up a personal limit for yourself, if you haven’t already and stick to your bankroll or time limit.

5. Always stay positive

Sic Bo winning tips

Are you quitting out of fear? Then wait and watch. The above-given strategy to quit doesn’t apply to those players who are quick at leaving the table in moments. This means just because you’re failing at the start, doesn’t mean your luck is ruined. Stay positive and play a few more rounds of the game with a low bet.

You never know when your luck can always turn around for the better, and if you’ve already lost patience before it does, and quit, you may feel regretful later on for not finding out what could’ve happened if you remained firm in your gameplay.
Now apply these best strategies to your game of Sic Bo and see the result for yourself, obviously with luck by your side. Have more questions in mind? Certainly, read our next post