Guide to play Sic Bo with Bitcoins at online casinos

Play Sic Bo with BTC

Play Sic Bo with BTC

As cryptocurrencies are on the rise at online casinos, all the games can be played with Bitcoins easily. Sic Bo is available at few online casinos because it’s much popular among Asian players but that doesn’t mean that Aussies do not love this Chinese game. This dice game is played at table and therefore one can find this table game to play online or even at live casino.

How to play Sic Bo with Bitcoins?

Play Sic Bo with BTC

  • To play Sic Bo with Bitcoins visit an online casino that accepts BTC as currency like Rich Casino or visit an exclusive Bitcoin Casino like mBit casino.
  • Now register yourself at the casino as you normally do at other casinos
  • Make a deposit to play real money Sic Bo. As you wish to play Sic Bo in Bitcoins or BTC you need to fund the casino account in Bitcoins.
  • To do that first you need to have Bitcoins with you. You can buy Bitcoins from Bitcoin exchange in Australia.
  • You can try these BTC exchanges:;;; or at
  • You can buy BTC with real AUD
  • Now store BTC in proper Wallets like
  • Now once you have BTC simply go to cashier or banking page of the online casino and make a deposit.
  • The minimum deposit varies from casino to casino
  • It can be from 0.01 mbtc (0.00001 btc) or equal to $0.08 cents and there is no maximum deposit limit.
  • You can redeem Bitcoin bonuses too. Now go to games lobby at the casino and enjoy Sic Bo with Bitcoins.
  • When you win playing Sic Bo you get instant wins to your account with Bitcoins.
  • The minimum withdrawal also varies from casino to casino but is not less than 0.005 btc at many casinos. There is no maximum withdrawal limit.
  • Bitcoin is Legal to buy and transact in New Zealand and Australia.

Sic Bo Game Play

Sic Bo game to play with BTC

When playing Sic Bo with Bitcoins you should know the type of bets that you can make. There are six main types of bets in Sic Bo. These bets correspond to the possible combinations when the three dice are rolled. The most common bet is the Big or Small Bet. It is based on the total of the three dice. Big is from 11 to 17 while small is from 4 to 10. The Odd or Even Bet is also based on the total of the three dice, having to guess if it is odd or even. Another one is the Total Bet. It depends on the total sum of the three dice ranges from 4 to 17. The Combination Bet is based on any two particular digits in the result of the three dice. The Single Bet is placed on a specific number that will show in any of the three dice. Meanwhile, the Double Bet is placed on two specific numbers that will show in the three dice. Lastly, the Triple Bet is placed where a specific number has to show in all three dice.

Remember that the types of bet in Bitcoin Sic Bo with broader categories have greater odds but with lesser payouts, while more specific bets offer you lower odds but higher payouts. Bet wisely to have better chances of winning.

Also always read the terms and conditions before you grab any BTC bonus to play Sic Bo online.