How to Play Casino Style Sic Bo with a Real Casino Dealer

Sic Bo Live Dealer

Sic Bo Live Dealer

Most of you admire playing casino games online. With the developing technology and upcoming of latest software now the online casinos have made it possible to give you the feel and look of playing online as if you are playing live at a real land based casino with live dealers. This video streaming technology, now broadcast Sic Bo tables at online casinos for millions of players worldwide to enjoy and experience the game from anywhere and at anytime with their laptops and smart phones.

Like all other casino games Sic Bo too is now being enjoyed with a live dealer. So instead of a random number generator (RNG) determining the outcome of dice rolls, a real human being throws the dice and distributes winnings in such type of real game.

How to play casino style Sic Bo with a real casino dealer?

To play and experience the casino style Sic Bo with a real casino dealer you need to use a virtual interface to place bets while a dealer handles the dice and distributes winnings. Visual recognition technology identifies the outcome of dice rolls automatically, which keeps up the pace of the game. Amazingly now several players can play at once at a single Sic Bo lobby online.

Most of the online casinos have this Sic Bo at their stack of games. When you choose to play you find after the game has loaded on your device screen there a live dealer standing at the Sic Bo table to welcome you. It can be a male or female. So this allows you to get to know the croupiers before you start to play. Some casinos even allow player-dealer interaction via live chat. If you’re a loyal customer at the online casino of your choice, you even might have the option of requesting your favourite dealer after you log in.

How does live Sic Bo works

Unfortunately at present there are no reputed online Australian casinos to offer you Live Sic Bo. Though there are other Live Dealer games available at Aussie casinos like the Royal Vegas Casino, G Day Casino and 7 Sultans Casino that offer live dealer Roulette, Keno, Lottery games and BlackJack. There are a few ‘live dealer’ casinos where you can play live Sic Bo if you so desire that may be Australian friendly and offer you to make a deposit in AUD to play at the casino. It is advisable to check the casinos online before you start to play Live Sic Bo about its player’s currency deposit, jurisdiction to play and withdrawal of winnings.

If you do manage to find your way into a live dealer version of Sic Bo, you will be presented with a video feed of a croupier at Sic Bo table, coupled with a computerised overlay of the Sic Bo table itself. Remember that the ‘live’ Sic Bo table is only there for showing you only with no chips will be laid during the course of the game.

You’ll also be able to see a countdown clock, counting down the seconds you have remaining until the bet time limit is reached. Now when you hear the beep you place your bets by picking up your virtual chips and laying them on the virtual Sic Bo table. Once you’re happy with the placement of your chips, click the ‘confirm bets’ button and your wagers will be fed into the computer server running the game.

The croupier will then toss the dice. The dice are usually contained within a large plastic container that looks a little like a snow-dome. After shaking, the croupier will slam the container down on the table, and the dice will eventually settle. You’ll be shown a close-up of the container so you can see how the dice have landed, and more importantly, if your wagers are going to win you any cash.

Some ‘live dealer’ casinos now go for the automated dice tossing option. The ‘snowglobe’ is mounted on the table, and the base of the device is vibrated when the croupier presses a button. This vibration causes the dice to jump and land on new values.

The croupier will immediately feed the results of the dice toss into the computer server. Your success or loss thereof will be calculated and your bankroll upsized or downsized.

The Communication with the Live Dealer

Do not expecting a great deal of live dealer interaction during your live Sic Bo  game. The Croupiers are trained to be respectful and act professionally as a serious player. He or she will only command you politely like  ‘place your bets’, ‘no more bets’, ‘good luck’ and to announce the numbers on the dice and the winning selections. Some ‘live dealers’ are friendlier than others though, and you’ll find that most of them are Asian, in keeping with the Asian theme of Sic Bo.

In other games apart from Sic Bo like in Live dealer Roulette the live dealer can be more interactive and communicative but with this game of Sic Bo you have no choice.

All things said and done it is better to play such kind of Sic Bo online with a live dealer rather than spend money to visit a land based casino. But if you are really crazy to spend your hard earned money or wish to venture out for some fun to spend your holidays then it is your choice to choose between an online live Sic Bo or a live land casino Sic Bo. Both are enjoyable. Right.