How to play One Touch Sic Bo game with your mobile or PC?

One Touch Sic Bo game to play with your Mobile

One Touch Sic Bo game to play with your Mobile

Lately OneTouch launched a new Sic Bo game that can be easily played with your mobile, tablet or PC.  This game developer is featuring a unique portrait-first mobile gameplay for a premium on-the-go betting experience. Sic Bo, which is designed to appeal to players across a wide range of markets, features cutting-edge graphics and sounds, while still retaining its authentic features, including the gold dome and dice roll feature.

Built in consultation with Asia-based game and design experts, Sic Bo benefits from a provably fair RNG, which provides verified fairness and transparency to the new-age mobile casino game player.

According to Matthew Rochman, head of OneTouch Sic Bo was given a trial run at ICE and the response they got from exhibitors was nothing short of amazing. The demand for games in portrait mode has proved popular with end users and One touch wanted to develop a unique offering that would appeal to them.

One Touch is always looking to give traditional table games a modern-day twist. But it’s important that they retain the games’ key features when doing so. Sic Bo ticks all the boxes and is sure to impress every gamer. Also this gaming company prides itself on providing an intuitive user experience across all of its titles via a single touch on all modern handheld devices thanks to its cutting-edge JavaScript framework and mobile-first approach to layout design.

How to play One Touch Sic Bo game with your mobile or PC?

One Touch Sic Bo Game

Download the free game app from app store on your mobile

Launch the game of Sic Bo on your device. The game is all free to play.

The dice are rolled using provably fair RNG, which provides verified fairness and transparency to the new-age mobile casino game player.

Click on the game menu given on the right side of the game screen. Know the game rules as how to play. Also visit settings and change the color of table cloth of your game and the chip size which ever you wish.

Play Sic Bo with your mobile

Also click on paytable and now the bet limits and how much it pays in the game

One Touch Sic Bo Game Play

This app has clever mobile portrait layout design, realistic and authentic experience of the dice being rolled under the distinguished gold dome and built in consultation with game and design experts in the Asia region.

If you opt to play on your PC then ou should have latest browser be it Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or UC.

For mobile updated Chrome, Safari, UC, Samsung Native, Android and Opera browser works well.

Also the game is compatible with iPhone, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, 7s Plus, SE; iPad model 12.9 Pro, 9.7 pro, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad4. If you own Samsung Android then you can use Note4, Note5, S5, S5 Plus, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S8 and S8 plus and with Samsung tablets S2 9.7, Galaxy Tab A7.0, Galaxy A10.1 and Galaxy Tab S3 9.7. Works well with Google Pixel phones many of Sony Android Xperia models Huawei, Vivi, Xiaomi and HTC smartphones as well.

Note that OneTouch creates premium table and slot games for online casinos worldwide by combining innovative mobile-first designs with sharp single-touch interactivity to deliver a superior online gambling experience on both desktop and handheld devices.

If you are new to Sic Bo remember it is a popular Asian game and the House edge varies hugely depending on the bets that you make and can vary from as small as 2.78% to over 10% so it is worth giving a little thought to the bets you choose.  Generally speaking the house edge is greater in Sic Bo than in craps but it does depend very much on which bets you choose.

Easily the safest bet at the Sic Bo table is Small or Big. Since both bets have the same odds of hitting, they offer the same relatively small house edge of 2.78%.

If you are looking for other betting options that have higher variance then the next best Sic Bo bets are single number bets. Each of the single number bets also offer the same odds, so no matter which one you pick you’ll be playing against a 7.87% house edge. The only other Sic Bo bet that has a house edge of less than 10% is the triple number bet on a three-dice total of 7 or 14. The house edge for those bets is still a pretty steep 9.72%.

Make use of casino bonuses and that can greatly improve your odds when playing Sic Bo as can choosing player-friendly game variations when playing with real money.