How to play Playtech Game of Sic Bo at Mansion Casino Australia

Playtech Sic Bo

At OzWin Casino you will find the interesting game of Sic Bo to play online. This Sic Bo game is developed by gaming software company known as Playtech. You will love to roll your virtual dice in this game and grab some awesome cash prizes as well. The best part to play this game of Sic Bo at this casino is that you also get a $5000 welcome bonus (at the time of writing) when you sign up at the casino for the first time.

How to play Sic Bo from Playtech

You enter the mansion casino by visiting their casino website. Search the game of Sic bo and it is very easy to find.  You can either download the entire software to enjoy many or all of the casino games online or just play with instant flash version. On the left side of the game menu you will easily locate the game of Sic Bo. Once you click on the game a pop up virtual game screen will open. When the game will load another screen box will show you help messages or tips to play this game as how to place your Sic bo bets and other guidelines.


Sic Bo Playtech

Help Messages and Tips at Sic Bo Playtech Game Screen

You need to either close such help messages or click on ‘Do not Display this Message again’ to close it forever.

When you first enter game play you will notice the board with a variety of dice patterns displayed. You begin by placing wagers on the game board on an assortment of dice-roll conditions. Wagers include single number bets where you can choose any number between one and six and bet that it will appear on one or two or all three of the dice with payouts of up to 3x the wager.

A two number bet is where you can bet on a combination of numbers that will appear on two out of the three dice and that has a payout of 6x! Next up are three number bets, where you can bet that the total of the three numbers will be big (11-17) or small (4-10). While the payout is just 1:1, the odds are certainly in your favour with this type of bet.

Similarly, you can wager that two or three of the dice will be evens or odds, and when all three match your prediction of even or odd you will win a 25:1 payout. Betting on specific triples brings in the big jackpot with 150 times the original wager! While the most common wager is big or small, the options are endless so have a go!

In virtual game when you practice you just click on Roll and the dice on the cage shown on right hand side of screen at the top will roll and your dice will show you the numbers. When playing for real money the dealer will pick up the small chest where the three dice are kept, then close the chest and shake it before opening it to reveal the three-dice-combination.

Sic Bo Playtech

Sic Bo from Playtech- Click to Play

There is also help section at the top right hand side of the game screen with the screw like icon. When you click on this you will open up with instructions of how to play this game, how to clear your bets, casino tool bar to switch to other games; depositing at the cashier, controlling the sounds in the game and how to navigate to the game master to have more casino games to enjoy.

But it is always better to start the game of Sic Bo in practice mode while you learn the wagers and get a feel for the game play and then when you are ready to turn all of those computerized winnings into cold hard cash, switch over the real play mode because with Sic Bo, you will be a winner in no time at all.

You will love the ease of playing from the comforts of your own home and the best part about this great game is that there is no need to learn strategies or count cards, just roll the dice and start winning from the start. Have fun.