How to play Sic Bo at Crown Casino Melbourne

Sic Bo at Crown Casino

Sic Bo is much popular game in the Asian countries. Even in Las Vegas not many of the casinos offer Sic Bo tables to enjoy. But Aussies are lucky as they can find this game of dice in their own home country at Crown casino to be enjoyed with full flavour.

Known by many names around the world, Sic Bo is Tai Sai to some, Chinese Dice and Big and Small to others, and in the Orient is known as ‘Treasure of the Dice’. Crown casino offers responsible Gaming and is renowned for excellence in all aspects of its services and facilities, and our commitment to providing gaming services for our customers in a responsible manner, is no exception. Any player of 18 years or over can enter the casino to enjoy the game of Sic Bo.

Terms you should understand that are used at Crown Casino Sic Bo Tables

There are certain terms that players should understand while playing Sic Bo at Crown Casino. Following are few of the important ones to remember:

  • ‘Dealer’ means the person, employed as a Dealer, by the casino operator, who is conducting the game.
  • ‘Distinctive Marker’ means an object used to identify a particular action or function including, but not limited to, designating player status or colour chip value at a Sic Bo table. Each object will be distinctly designed and marked to denote its purpose.
  • ‘Spin’ means an activation of the dice tumbler that causes the dice to be tumbled.
  • ‘TG Area Manager’ means the person responsible for the management of Table Games operations, service and employees within an allocated area.
  • ‘TG Assistant Casino Manager’ means the person responsible for the on-floor management of Table Games operations, service and employees. ‘
  • TG Higher Duties Dealer’ means the person responsible for the supervision of routine operational matters relating to the conduct of gaming as maybe required from time to time.
  • ‘Total’ means the sum total of the uppermost sides of the three dice resulting from a valid spin.
  • ‘Tournament Director’ means the person responsible for the overall management of a tournament.
  • ‘Tournament player’ means a person in a tournament.
  • ‘VCGLR’ means Victorian Commission for Liquor and Gambling Regulation.
  • ‘Void’ means invalid with no result.

The Sic Bo game table at Crown Casino

Sic Bo Layout at Crown Casino

Sic Bo Table Layout (1)

The game of Sic Bo will be played on a table which will be designed to allow for play to occur under casino rules. There are areas specifically designed for the placement of wagers also the winning areas are illuminated with electronic equipments.

A dice tumbler containing a set of three dice sealed inside are kept and when activated either mechanically or electronically, the dice tumbler will tumble, generating the result for the round of play.

A control panel linked to the dice tumbler with switches or buttons which will, where the game is played in accordance with rules will be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 or be labelled with the symbols Fish, Prawn, Gourd, Coin, Crab and Chicken.

The sides of each die will be marked as follows  in accordance with rules and with the values from one  to six, so arranged that the sum of the values of any pair of opposite sides is seven; or be marked with one of six different symbols, the symbols being Fish, Prawn, Gourd, Coin, Crab and Chicken. The symbols will be arranged so that sum of the values of any pair of opposite sides of the dice is seven. Each symbol will represent one of the colours red, blue or green as follows: Fish (red), Prawn (green), Gourd (blue), Coin (blue), Crab (green) and Chicken (red). Each Symbol will also represent one of the values one to six as follows: Fish (1), Prawn (2), Gourd (3), Coin (4), Crab (5) and Chicken (6).

Placement of Wagers at Sic Bo Table

Sic Bo Table Layout

Sic Bo Table Layout (2)

Wagers will only be accepted in chips. Chips used for play on the game may be either Cash chips marked with denominations of value; or Colour chips, which are non-value chips without denomination markings. The colour chips of a particular set will each bear the same distinguishing emblem or mark to differentiate them from colour chips of other sets in use at other tables. Each set will be subdivided into various colours.

Colour chips issued at a particular Sic Bo table will only be used for gaming at that table and will not be used for gaming at any other table in the casino. The Dealer may accept a colour chip(s) for redemption only if: (i) The colour chip/s was issued at that particular table; or (ii) The colour chip(s) was issued at a table that is now closed. In this situation Surveillance will be notified and the value at which the colour chip(s) was initially issued will, where possible be determined. If the initial value of the colour chip(s) cannot be established, they will be exchanged at the lowest table minimum offered by the casino for the particular game played at the closed table at the time the player requests redemption. The exchange will be verified by a TG Area Manager

The Dealer will not issue colour chips with the same colour and design to more than one player at the same time unless the particular players issued with the chips agree. The specific value to be assigned to each chip will be declared by the purchaser. If that value exceeds the table minimum it will be denoted by a colour chip and a related marker button bearing a number on it to designate the value set by that person.

At the discretion of a TG Area Manager a player may be issued with colour chips of more than one colour at the same table provided no other player as a result is precluded from wagering with colour chips.

Until a decision and settlement has been made in respect of any wager, no wager may be handled, placed, changed or withdrawn after the Dealer has announced that no more bets may be placed. Wagers orally declared will only be accepted if they are accompanied by chips, authorized tokens, cash or vouchers. Cash, vouchers, and authorized tokens must be converted to chips prior to being placed on the layout. All wagers must be placed on the layout before the Dealer announces that no more bets may be placed.

Players are responsible for the positioning of their wagers on the layout, whether or not they are assisted by the Dealer. They must ensure that any instructions given to the Dealer are correctly carried out. Wagers will be settled strictly in accordance with the position of chips when the result of a spin is announced.

At the settlement of wagers for a spin, the Dealer must-Clear any losing wagers; and Pay any winning wagers.

Sic Bo Tournaments at Crown Casino

Sic Bo Tournaments

Sic Bo Tournament game in progress at Crown Casino

The casino operator may conduct tournaments in which all tournament players have the opportunity to play any variation of Sic Bo being offered, with an equal chance. Prior to a tournament being conducted all  entries have to be taken, make the relevant Terms and Conditions available to patrons; and , advise the VCGLR on-site inspectorate of the intention to conduct the tournament and appoint a Tournament Director who must be present for the duration of the tournament. The Tournament Director will brief the tournament players on the Terms and Conditions of the tournament and be satisfied that they understand. Tournament players may be provided with instruction on how to play the game. This instruction may comprise a demonstration by the Dealer and/or participation in a number of ‘practice hands’.

Now if you are interested to play and win some Sic Bo then you will need to visit the Crown Casino at Melbourne and have the thrill of such a interesting game to experience and enjoy.