Rapid Sic Bo- The Electronic Game

Rapid Sic Bo

Rapid Sic Bo

Rapid Sic Bo is just like a Sic Bo game except the table has been redesigned with the addition of individual player terminals so that you can now play in comfort in front of your own individual on-screen layout. The principles of the game remain the same with predicting which numbers will appear on the dice once they are shaken.

How to Play

  • To buy-in simply hand your money to the dealer or place your cash in the note acceptor on any vacant terminal and your money will automatically convert into on-screen chips. Your balance will be displayed on the screen.
  • Prior to the commencement of each round of play, the dealer covers the glass dome and tumbles the dice.
  • To place a bet, touch the chips on the screen and then touch the area on the screen where you would like to place your bet, or drag the chip to the desired location. Place your bets.
  • If you make a mistake when placing your bets, simply press Cancel on the screen and touch the chip in the incorrect position. To remove your last bet placed, select the Undo button on the screen. The Undo button can be used to remove up to the last 10 bets that you placed. Alternatively, you may press Clear on the screen to remove all bets.
  • You can place as many bets as you like as long as you do not exceed the maximum allowable bet. The amount you have bet is displayed on the screen
  • Bets can be placed in units as long as the total bet adds up to the table minimum. The table minimum is displayed on the screen as Minimum Bet. For example, on a $5 Rapid Sic Bo table, 5 x $1 bets can be placed instead of 1 x $5 bet.
  • A timer on the screen will count down to let you know how long you have before you must finish placing bets. This is displayed on the screen.
  • At the end of the betting period, the dealer will remove the dome cover to reveal the winning combination. The results will be updated on each terminal by automatically paying the winning results and taking the losing bets. Your winning results will be displayed on the screen.
  • The last 15 results for each game will be displayed.
  • When you would like to finish your session, simply press Cash Out displayed on the screen and the dealer will exchange your on-screen chips for cash chips.
  • To replace the bets that you placed on the previous game, simply select the Recall button on the screen when the betting period is open and your exact bets from the previous game will be replaced for you.
  • The Help button on the screen shows you how to bet and provides you with the basic description of all buttons.
  • You can adjust the sound function on your terminal to an on or off position by selecting Options
  • The 1st Half button at 15 allows you to zoom into either the 1st half of the screen layout or the 2nd half and then return to the full display.

Bets and Pay Outs

ASpecific Triple180 to 1
BSpecific Double11 to 1
CAny Triple31 to 1
DTotal value of Dice=4 or 1762 to 1
ETotal Value of Dice=5 or 1631 to 1
FTotal value of dice = 6 or 1518 to 1
GTotal value of dice = 7 or 1412 to 1
HTotal value of dice = 8 or 138 to 1
ITotal value of dice = 9 or 127 to 1
JTotal value of dice = 10 or 116 to 1
KAny two dice combination6 to 1
LSmall (loses if any triple appears)1 to 1
MBig (loses if any triple appears)1 to 1
NNumber on one dieNumber on two diceNumber on three dice1 to 12 to 112 to 1


Some Terms to Remember

  • “Dice tumbler” means an electronic device used to tumble the dice.
  • “Player terminals” mean the individual terminals or devices of an Electronic Table Game on which a Player buys credits, places wagers, and cashes out winnings.
  • “Round of play” means the period of play commencing with the commencement of play and concluding when the Dealer announces a result and all winning and losing wagers are settled.
  • Commencement of play shall begin when the Dealer announces “Place your bets, please”. Closing of bets shall take effect when the Dealer announces “No more bets”.
  • A Player may wager on any or all of the following sections on the layout in the player terminals: Small, Big, Odd, Even, Specific Triples, Specific Doubles, Any Triple, Three Dice Totals, Two Dice Combinations, Single Dice Wager, Three Dice From Four Possible Combinations
  • The Dealer shall activate the dice tumbler that causes the dice to tumble at least three times.
  • The Dealer shall uncover the dice tumbler and providing the dice are lying flat, announce the result by calling the number on the uppermost face of each die in order from the lowest number to the highest and the total of the three dice.
  • . A wager wins if the dice result matches the section(s) on the layout chosen by the Player.
  • The settlement of wagers is shown in the player terminals.
  • If the dice do not tumble at least three times after the dice tumbler has been activated, the round of play shall be void.
  • . In the event that the concealed dice are exposed before the announcement of “No more bets”, the round of play shall be void.
  • If any of the three dice fail to come to rest with one surface flat to the base of the tumbler, the round of play shall be void.
  • In the event that one or more dice are damaged, the round of play shall be vo

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