Sic Bo- Australian Odds and House Edge

House Edge Sic Bo

House Edge
Are you aware that there is no uniformity throughout the world regarding what Sic Bo odds should be! Payouts are higher in Las Vegas than they are in Macau and even higher in Australia than in the United States. The game of sic bo offers a variety of wagers, each of which comes with a different set of payout odds. The returns for each kind of win vary depending on the particular casino be it a traditional land-based casino or online gambling site. This variation from table to table has significant effects on the house edge for each bet type. You must be aware of the numbers behind the game, and how they affect your chances of success. The easiest way to turn the tables in your favour and low the house edge is to play online. Let us understand here in detail.

What is the House Edge?

The term ‘house edge’ refers to the statistical advantage the casino holds over the player in any given game. The precise figure for this edge is determined by the discrepancy between the payout for a bet and the actual probability of that wager winning. The higher the number, the more money the house will expect to gain. For example: in a standard game of sic bo, the return for a wager on big or small is 1 to 1 (i.e. if we bet one unit and win, we gain one unit). This would suggest the odds of success are 50-50, but in fact the probability of the player winning are slightly less than even at 48.61 per cent. This gives the house an edge of 2.78 per cent.
In ‘tai sai’ and ‘yee hah hi’, as well as derivations such as ‘grand hazard’ and ‘chuck-a-luck’, the casino’s advantage tends to become much more pronounced with the riskier betting options. This is where the variation in house rules becomes especially important, as the difference between 50 to 1 and 62 to 1 has an enormous impact on the overall balance of the game.

House Edge in Detail

The built-in advantage retained by the House on every spin of Sic Bo ranges from a low of just under 3% to a high of over 30%, depending on the type of wager made and the odds offered. The very best bet from an odds point of view is Big or Small, where the payout is even money. Because these bets lose when a Triple comes up, the probability of winning on either wager is 48.61%, meaning the House edge is 2.78%—very similar to the percentages when betting Red or Black at a European Roulette table.
The wager that will yield the biggest payout is on one of the six specified Triples, which pays 180-to-1 in the better casinos, although just 150-to-1 at most Sic Bo tables in Macau. At the higher odds, the House has a 16.20% advantage; at the lower odds, the House edge shoots up to 30.09%.
As it turns out, however, the very worst bet when playing Sic Bo is not Triples; it is Doubles. When the payout is the standard 10-to-1, the House can expect a return of 18.52%. When it drops to 8-to-1, as it does in many Macau casinos, the margin becomes 33.33%, which is triple the House edge in Australia, where payouts are 11-to-1 on successful Doubles wagers.
When it comes to betting on a single number, the payouts are 1-to-1, 2-to-1, and 3-to-1 for occurrences of once, twice, and three times, respectively. That averages out to a House edge of 7.87%. Sometimes, however, a 12-to-1 payout for the Triple can be found, which lowers the advantage to just 3.7%.
Winning on a Three Dice Total of 4 or 17 should pay 60-to-1, although it can vary from 50-to-1 to as high as 65-to-1, depending on the location. The standard House edge of 15.28% can swing up to 29.17% or down to 8.33% as a result. Obviously, it pays to shop around for better odds when playing Sic Bo. The giveaway is considerable as the odds decline.
House Edge Chart

Australian Sic Bo Odds

For Sic Bo gaming the standard returns on successful bets in Australia are the highest in the world, with only New Zealand known to offer games with the same pay scale. This is a big factor in why venues such as Crown, the Star, and Adelaide Casino are so hugely popular with tourists from China and Taiwan, not to mention the local Asian populations.
Another reason so many Chinese gamblers prefer sic bo Down Under is that the games in their homeland are among the most biased on the planet. This is especially true in the casino haven of Macau, where the house edge rises to over 47 per cent for certain wagers. To put that into perspective, that highest edge on any bet in standard Australian sic bo is just over 16 per cent.
Elsewhere in the world, payouts vary widely as said earlier especially in the United States. Las Vegas is hit and miss when it comes to sic bo, while Atlantic City is arguably the sic bo capital of North America. In New Jersey, the betting odds are generally consistent with those commonly found in the United Kingdom, where the house edge for any given wager ranges between 2.78 per cent and just under 19 per cent.
Sic Bo Odds Chart

Playing Sic Bo Online

Playing sic bo online gives you the best payouts. Microgaming, giants of the casino software industry decided to mimic the Australia and NZ payout model when building its current interactive “Tai Sai” title. This means the most readily available sic bo game online also happens to offer the best odds possible, and that adds more fun and better results for Aussie players. You can log on to Royal Vegas, 7 Sultans, Casino Mate, All Slots Casino , Jackpot City and Guts Casino to experience first-hand magic of real money online based sic bo.