What is Sic Bo Simulation and how does it help in forming a Sic Bo Strategy?

Sic Bo Simulation

Sic Bo Simulation

Sic Bo simulation or commonly known as Sic Bo Sim is an online website that acts like simulator where you can learn about Sic Bo and get detailed information about Sic Bo strategy. There is a virtual machine that creates a Sic Bo player environment for the purpose of training players to learn the game of Sic Bo.

What can you do with Sic Bo Simulator?

  • You can try any combination of bets, amounts, strategies and styles and you can know your winning or losing results from hours of playing online in seconds.
  • There are many types of popular betting systems and incorporate them into your playing strategy.
  • You can automatically simulate your casino Sic Bo strategy and visualize your results with simple chats and summary statistics.
  • Moreover you can use this Sic Bo simulation on your mobile device be it Android, iOS or Windows smartphone.

How to get started with Sic Bo Simulation?

It’s very easy to start with Sic Bo Sim. All you need is to visit the Sic Bo Simulation site online with your PC or mobile.

Sic Bo Simulation

The simulation screen will open where you choose starting conditions and betting systems to play Sic Bo which you want to use at online casinos in your game play and know its outcome.

You enter your starting cash that you wish to play. The sim will run until you run out of time, money or meet your cash out balance.

The enter the hours you wish to play that is the maximum time you will play. The simulator assumes 50 rolls per hour.

Enter your cash out limit. The sim will stop playing if you reach this balance at any time. Set a cash out of zero for no limit.

Choose the betting system you wish to apply to your Sic Bo play. With simple option or no specific betting strategy, just straight Sic Bo play you can view the details of play for that system.

If you choose Martingale betting system then note that each time you lose your bet is doubled. If you win, you start again with your original bet. Bets can rise exponentially and eventually exceed your cash or the casino’s table limit, but the strategy can help bettors dig out of short losing streaks. Also under this betting system you can optionally choose the maximum number of times the bet will double under this system. Zero (0) is no limit.

If you choose reverse Martingale betting system each time you win your bet is doubled. If you lose, you start again with your original bet. Eventually this one will get you, but a nice winning streak can make things really exciting and ou can optionally choose the maximum number of times the bet will double under this system. Zero (0) is no limit.

If you choose Labouchere betting system which is also called the “Cancellation System” or “Split Martingale” and was originally designed for Roulette and is  similar to the Martingale, so instead of doubling your bet after each loss, you incrementally add to it. This system is designed to work with even money bets like the Big/Small.
The simulator restricts bets using this system to Big or Small and creates the list of cancellation numbers used in this system by calculating your Cash Out Balance minus your Starting Balance and dividing that by your bet.

Sic Bo Simulation

Then on the screen click on a bet area to view the odds and win conditions. Select a chip to place a bet.

Then click on Run Simulation.

Sic Bo Simulation

Your Simulation results will show as below with detailed statistics.

Sic Bo Simulation results

It shows the outcome of Win/Loss Amounts Per Roll or the net financial outcome of each roll during the round.

If you run a simulation with large bets and a small starting balance you’ll likely end up with shorter sessions and less predictable results since there may be only a few bets placed in a given session. The same goes for short Sic Bo session times and/or low cash out balance settings.

Try to give yourself enough time and cash to test your Sic Bo strategy. The same is true for real casino play – a few long shot bets from a small starting balance leave little room for strategy.

If you are new player you can also learn how to play Sic Bo and know the best Sic Bo strategies with Sic Bo Sim.

Remember that it’s just a help that you get to judge your results with such Sic Bo Simulators and as Sic Bo is pure game of chance the results may not be accurate as mathematical or rounding errors may occur and as yet undiagnosed programming errors may effect the results.