Sic Bo Superstitions



Superstition plays a role in all sports and gaming activities.

Players form and believe in unreasonable actions and things which supposedly affect luck for better or worse. Sic Bo is a Chinese game and their superstition thinking and behavior have become essential part in their games

Chinese gamblers may sometimes perform rituals to get loads of blessings for luck and prosperity from their gods. Such acts may include offering fruits, lighting up a joss stick or simply making a prayer. They would do so at the start of the Lunar New Year or when it is needed such as before a major casino trip or publication of lottery draw numbers.

Many Chinese also believe in feng shui.

They believe the world that they are living in are full of chi means force (positive or negative), which can be manipulated to their advantage.

Numerous superstitions pertain to Sic Bo. These range from a taboo on counting money while playing to the belief that wearing red at the table brings good luck. In fact, red undergarments are considered to be especially auspicious.

Many Chinese players believe that a baby ghost lives behind the Sic Bo table. Feeding the ghost with sugar will bring good fortune. Ignoring the ghost will cause it to stop a player from winning.

The gambling superstitions are by no means limited to the Sic Bo table, either. When staying at a resort casino, players will avoid checking into rooms that bear the number 4 (synonymous with death) and seek out those containing the number 8 (meaning happiness). Seeing a nun or priest before gambling is bad luck, as is entering the casino through the main entrance—use a side door.

Of course, praying is considered appropriate before, during, and after playing Sic Bo. Those who are truly into appeasing the spirits of good fortune may also make offerings of fruit, burn a candle, or donate money at a shrine or temple.

Nor is the casino itself immune from such long-held superstitions. The “feng shui” (spiritual positioning) of the Sic Bo table can attract money or act like a leak in the House’s cash bucket. Players who are very aware of feng shui practices may avoid a table that is poorly situated on the casino floor.