Sic Bo- Winning Tips


The fun and exciting game Sic Bo is unique in itself. This game played with three dice offers an entertaining change of pace games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Craps.

Here are few tips and suggestions to get the most out of the Sic Bo table, for all types of players and useful in winning the game.

Steady Go

If it is your first time and Sic Bo seems a bit different to you it is better to just watch a few spins to see how truly simple it is. Then, when it begins to feel familiar, feel free to jump in and give Sic Bo a try.

Get Lucky Numbers

Some numbers are related to Chinese culture and superstition. Some are associated with good fortune and others to be seen as bad luck. For example, the number six, “liù,” is considered to be auspicious number because it sounds like the word “li?,” meaning flowing or smooth. The number nine, pronounced “ji?,” can mean long-lasting. On the other hand, the number four sounds exactly like the Mandarin word for death, “si.” It is studiously avoided by almost all Sic Bo players.

Sensible Wager

There are ways to wager that make more sense than others from a statistical point of view. Big and Small have the lowest House edge, so they should be part of each wager made, even when other bets are placed.

Best Totals

Wagering on a Three Dice Total carries different odds for each of the outcomes from 4 through 17. Surprisingly, betting on the 7 or 14 at odds of 12-to-1 offers a much lower House advantage than any of the other totals—just 9.72% versus the next best 12.5% on 8 or 13 at 8-to-1 and on 10 or 11 at 6-to-1. All other totals have even worse odds.

Tough Triples

The biggest payouts are for a Triple, correctly predicting a single number that shows up on all three of the dice faces. This is the riskiest wager one can make at the Sic Bo table. Experienced players either avoid betting Triples altogether or else use them as side bets, never the primary wager. Such bet can be expected to lose 99.54% of the time.

Check the Minimums

A table with a minimum wagering requirement of $5, it is not necessary to wager $5 in a single bet. A combination of $1 wagers totalling $5 is fine. Combinations of wagers pay out more frequently and involve less risk.

Look for Promotions

Look for bonuses and other promotions they offer to get and retain new customers. Information on these should be available at the Players Club or Customer Service Desk. Ask about free chips and bonus cash, complimentary sweepstakes entries and special casino services.

Win or lose, active players are often eligible for discounts on meals, rooms, and entertainment. New players are especially courted, so check out what’s being given away before becoming engrossed in play.

Develop a Winning Strategy

Some players use a system, such as d’Alembert or Labouchere. Others rely entirely on their gut feelings and luck. Over the short term, any approach to Sic Bo may be successful, but in the long run, those who play with a specific strategy tend to fare much better than those who rely purely on intuition.

Each system of betting has its strengths and weaknesses. Some advantage can be gained by be able to switch from one method of play to another as conditions seem to warrant. Practice brings perfection at Sic Bo.