The Three Online Sic Bo Variants You would Love to Play

Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo is popular and fun filled game of dice to be played at casino tables. Online casinos too now offer some great Sic Bo variants at their casinos to play with awesome offers that add spice to the game. The three main providers of online Sic Bo that you would love to play at the online casinos are the Sic Bo variants from Microgaming, NYX Interactive, and Playtech.

Let us understand more about these online Sic Bo variants and know about them. Most of the gaming developers have some basic Sic Bo variants just like you find at the land based casinos.

1. Microgaming Sic Bo Variant

Microgaming Sic Bo

Some software  providers like NetEnt even have not brought out any Sic Bo online version but Microgaming is the leader in all games and it was Microgaming that brought Sic Bo to online casinos.

Microgaming offers a basic Sic Bo layout like the Chinese style Sic Bo number style and the colour red. You can make easy bet with the same option as you find in land based casinos popular bet being the big and the small bet. In online casino variant of Sic Bo this bet is located in the top left and right hand corner, respectively, on the betting part of the Sic Bo layout.

Just above the small bet section on the green cloth interface is the table limit. In the bottom right hand corner, the area which still remains on the table, sees how much you can bet per click along with chip sizes. These range from one to 500.

Further down below you can say off the table, are the three icons ‘Clear’, which allows you to clear your bets; ‘Repeat’ so you can repeat the same bet instead of putting it on again; and finally ‘Roll’ which you click when you are ready and have made your bets.

Your balance is shown in the bottom left hand corner under the icon panel. If you want fast game play or rapid rounds then Microgaming doesn’t offer an auto roll option to speed up the pace. You will find Microgaming’s Sic Bo at various Australian friendly casinos like the Roxy Palace.

2. NYX Interactive Sic Bo Variant

NYX Sic Bo

In NYX Interactive Sic Bo Variant the game table color changes from the classic green to the occasional red and even to a blue cloth table in their Sic Bo variant. It features all the same betting options as Microgaming’s version with the Sic Bo layout identical in terms of where the betting areas are.

NYX has chips located in the bottom centre of the play screen ranging from 0.25 to 100. This version doesn’t offer the option to repeat your bets as Microgaming does. You will find in this online Sic Bo variant that your balance is located in the top centre of the screen. This version doesn’t offer an auto play function either. It does show you the dice history in the top right hand corner however so you can keep tabs on what was previously rolled. You can play this Sic Bo variant online at many casinos like the Guts Casino.

3. Playtech Sic Bo Variant

Playtech Sic Bo

Playtech offers the lowest betting chip out of the three with a 10 cent chip available right up to a $100 chip. This version features a ‘rebet’ and ‘clear bets’ option, which appear after you have played one hand. The layout is similar but the text is somewhat smaller in size so it can be hard to see what it says, which for a new player becomes a bit difficult to understand.

If you move to the bottom far left corner you will find your balance and on the right hand side there is a tool bar with an options button where you can enter full screen mode to see the text better, or even alter the audio. There is even an option to disable or enable the animation of the dice rolling when you click roll if you aren’t patient as it will adjust the game speed. This option is generally favoured by Sic Bo experienced players who play like a pro.

With these three online variants of Sic Bo you need to decide which one you wish to play according to the speed of the game and your preference to stake. You can therefore choose to play a fast play option variant or play with numerous size bets by using smaller chips.

Remember that Sic Bo is available for real money play at the Australian friendly casinos. All you need to look for is the welcome bonus offer which suits you best and the online Sic bo variant you wish to enjoy.