What type of Sic Bo player you are?

Sic Bo Player personality

Sic Bo Player personality

You all know that each player is different in its playing aspect and has a unique playing personality. Some players may sound pro in the table game of Blackjack, few may have superior hands in spinning the pokies games at the casinos and while many have the skill to spin the roulette wheel. But how many are well known in rolling the dice in their favour at table games like Sic bo is certainly a curious thing to know.

Sic Bo is a typical game of chance that requires patience, forethought and a little bit of luck thrown into the mix. It’s also a game in which secrets are still to be revealed, one such secret is the personalities that make the game what it is today, the types of players that you find frequenting Sic Bo tables around the world in land based and online casinos. Here find below the most common types of Sic Bo players you tend to find and compare the traits with yourself to know which type of Sic Bo player you are and which profiles suits you the best in this game.

New bie player in Sic Bo

Newbies or new players are many to be found wondering how the game of Sic bo would work. These players can be found asking lots of questions about this game or just simply checking at the casinos and looking around as what is happening at the games table. Such new players try their luck and most of the time, don’t even know the rules of the game that they’re playing. Discreetly awkward but ever smiling, this type of punter injects a certain type of fun into the game which helps to relax the atmosphere at the table and can also go some way to prove everyone has as much chance as each other when it comes to winning. Beginner’s luck you might say, and it wouldn’t be just you, as this type of player is often fodder for the more experienced player who will try to eliminate them first from the outset.

The strategist player who understand the Sic Bo game rules

The strategists is the one who like an excellent technician knows and understands the game rules ery well. He is a very experienced player and is a keen observer who know what actions to take at any given moment and enjoy a flawless gaming experience. Such players are able to switch strategies through the good and bad periods of the game in order to survive, and also use every advantage possible to eliminate other players. Also such player profiles draw their experience from countless hours of play, both losses and wins; and as such they are usually an older category of player.

The psychologist who is a secret Sic Bo player

After all who doesn’t show emotions. But psychologist is the one who plays secretly often  hides his game and emotions extremely well. Opponents have great difficulty in reading him and his movements. He varies his game strategies well enough to keep people guessing and in this way it has a psychological advantage over their opponents, who cannot read their game and as a result will suffer frustration that will lead to them making a critical mistake which he will capitalize on and exploit for his own gains.

The defensive player who knows what is best for them

These types of player profiles are found in almost all the casinos small or big. They are defensive or efficient often filling the gaps they have in strategy and mental weakness with excellent money management. They are efficient in that they generally play a low risk strategy type and win small, never being able to risk losing large sums of money. This is a difficult player to beat as they have a lot of patience and can simply sit and wait, effectively blocking you. They can play loose sometimes to throw you off balance but in general thy will play very tight, this type of player is often seen participating in tournaments as it requires the types of characteristics that this player exudes in bounds. Also this player personality is generally quiet or extreme loud trying to distract the other player.

Now from the above Sic Bo player type what do you think fits in your persona and why. Any room for improvement though?