What Is Genting Casino Sic Bo Payout?

What is Genting Casino Sic Bo Payout

What is Genting Casino Sic Bo Payout

Genting casino and resorts are very popular tourist spots and casinos to visit. Genting casinos can be found in Malaysia, UK, Singapore, Hongkong, Philippines, USA, Korea And China.

Also you can play Genting casino games online at their online site https://www.gentingbet.com/

Unfortunately, they don’t accept AUD as currency though you can make a deposit in other currencies like Euros and Pound Sterling to play pokies or Sic Bo.

What Game Of Sic Bo Is Offered By Genting Casino?

Super Sic Bo
Super Sic Bo at Genting Casino

Before we go into Genting Casino Sic Bo Payout we should know what games it offers. Genting Casino offers live Super Sic Bo game for players.This live casino game is powered by Evolution Gaming, which offers some of the best quality live casino games available to players. Stunning visuals and graphics with an Eastearn decor will complete the experience, which is further enhanced by the background chatter of other games, players, and dealers in the background.

The traditional, simple dice game setting of Super Sic Bo is maintained perfectly when choosing to play with Genting, made even better by the exciting possibility of landing random multipliers up to x1,000 your original stake!

Just think of the Genting Casino Sic Bo Payout prize you can enjoy if you are lucky to win this game of chance  In this game a  real life dealer rolls the dice in real time as you watch live, while you attempt to predict the outcome of the dice roll.

At online Genting Casino you will have the chance to watch the gameplay progress as it is happening, just as if you were sitting at a Super Sic Bo table in a real, land-based casino. Apart from this, you will also be able to chat with the live dealer and the other players, who will be playing along the same Super Sic Bo online table as you are, just as in a real life casino.

You can also keep an eye on proceedings by having a look at the statistics that are updated throughout the duration of the gameplay. This will help you feel immersed in your live Super Sic Bo online experience and keep you aware of what is going on at the Super Sic Bo online table as you play, as well as aid you in thinking of possible strategies to enhance your chances of a rewarding gameplay.

All you have to do when playing Super Sic Bo is to predict the correct combination of the trio of dice which the dealer will shake on the table, simply by placing your guesses on the game screen and hoping for the best.

Don’t forget that you can choose to place a bet on the size of the dice (whether Small or Big), the numbers being Odd or Even, or you may opt to place your wager on the total of the three dice. A variety of different bets and odds are also available, depending on how much you wish to test your luck while playing Super Sic Bo online.

What Is Genting Casino Super Sic Bo Payout?

What is Genting Casino Sic Bo Payout
Sic Bo Table At Genting Casino

Evolution gaming’s Super Sic Bo table is identical to a regular Sic Bo table in layout, although you’ll find some of the odds less favourable than its traditional counterpart. There is, however, a good reason for slightly dampening the odds, and that is to create more wins which is then used to make big payouts when multipliers up to 1000x are added to a number of randomly chosen betting options on each and every game.

As an example, the payout for correctly betting on the total score of the 3 dice being 17 is 60:1 in regular Sic Bo but only 50:1 in Super Sic Bo. Similarly, the payout for correctly betting on the outcome being a specified triple (i.e. you bet on all three dice showing the same specified number) is 180:1 in Sic Bo but only 150:1 in Super Sic Bo. However, certain bets pay the same odds; for example the payout for correctly betting on ‘Any Triple’ (you win if all three dice show the same number, regardless of that number) is 30:1 for both games.

You may only get paid 150:1 for a Triple in Super Sic Bo, but if lady luck is on your side and that bet is chosen to have a win multiplier added, you could walk away with odds of up to 999:1. All bets with the exception of even bets (i.e Big/Small, Even/Odd) can receive random multipliers, and each betting combo has a range of multipliers for which they are eligible. You can see the full list of payouts (including multipliers) below, along with the Super Sic Bo betting table layout.

Big / Small1:1
Even / Odd1:1
Double8 – 87:1
Triple150 – 999:1
Any Triple30 – 87:1
Total 4 or 1750 – 499:1
Total 5 or 1620 – 249:1
Total 6 or 1515 – 87:1
Total 7 or 1412 – 29:1
Total 8 or 138 – 24:1
Total 9 or 126 – 49:1
Total 10 or 116 – 24:1
Combination5 – 24:1
Single: Single Double Triple  1:1 2 – 19:1 3 – 87:1
Payout Table

Standard Game of Sic Bo

Standard game of Sic Bo at Genting
Standard game of Sic Bo at Genting

Also, you are offered standard Sic Bo games at few of the Genting casinos like Genting Manila.

Standard Sic Bo is played on a table with 50 admissible bets and their pictorial representations. Sic Bo has payout ranging from 180 is to 1 to 1 is to 1.

Players place the bet on the symbols on the table.

After all bets placed on the table, Dealer announces NO MORE BETS and activates jar shaker which shake/roll the dice inside.

When the rolling stops, the dealer declares the result and the winning combination will light on the table.

All Bets on lighted Areas wins based on Odds displayed on the Area.

Players can use many kinds of bets according to their convenience. One can bet on any number between 1 and 6.

  • If that single number appears once, the payout so 1 to 1.
  • If the number appears twice, the payout is 2 to 1.
  • If that single number appears once, the payout so 1 to 1.
  • If the number appears thrice, the payout is 3 to 1.

Sic Bo bets can also be classified as Small bets and Big Bets. Small bets can be won if the sum of the dice ranges between 4 and 10. Big Bets are won if the sum of the dice ranges between 11 and 17. The payout is again 1 to 1.Bets with a payout of 1 to 1 are considered to be the best. Sic Bo is a game where players can bag a lot of money with a wide range of payouts.